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Om mystically embodies the essence of the entire universe. As the most sacred sound, Om is the root of the universe and everything that exists and it continues to hold everything together.

The large lower curve symbolizes the waking state (jagrat), in this state the consciousness is turned outwards through the gates of the senses. The larger size signifies that this is the most common state of the human consciousness.

The upper curve denotes the state of deep sleep (sushupti) or the unconscious state. This is a state where the sleeper desires nothing nor beholds any dream.

The middle curve (which lies between deep sleep and the waking state) signifies the dream state (swapna). In this state the consciousness of the individual is turned inwards, and the dreaming self beholds an enthralling view of the world behind the lids of the eyes.  The symbol and the sound represent the same thing.  Made of stained wood.  9″ by 8″.

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