Mimi Weaver

Usually, our intention is to bring ourselves into balance. This can be challenging when life experiences come our way…..whether they are family, friends, significant relationships, work and yes, the news. At times, we feel so bombarded with everyday “off the rail” events, that it is hard to get back on track or we loose sight of our intention.
There are traditions that say during new moon and full moon is the best time to let go of what no longer serves us and to bring in, manifest, what will best lead us to the path that is meant for us to walk.
Mimi is drawn to offer healings and cleansing to the community and will be offering cleansings and healings more frequently at BluLotus. She has already hosted group and private sessions here at the center and our clients have been delighted to see more of her.
Mimi spent time in Cuenca, Ecuador this year. While studying, she quickly learned that the large vegetable/meat markets were designed around a gathering of healers. They are the center of the market and it is not unusual for people to receive
routine healings during their course of food shopping.  On Friday afternoons there were lines of people to visit with the healers. In talking with them on line and eventually befriending the healers, she learned that families, couples, children would
go to market to get “refreshed” before going home for the weekend. It was a time to let go of the week’s energy. To let go of anything that didn’t serve in the positive from work , school, etc. It was often a social time while standing in line.
And often, it was very deep personal work.
This makes so much sense. Rather than going home in a sour mood, or to have a cocktail, Ayni Despachoor bring in negative into your sacred home, it makes so much sense to receive a quick cleanse.
Group healings and free mini sessions will still be offered, please check our events page on this site and our facebook page for current info.
In addition, Mimi is available by appointment only on Thursdays for private “illuminations,” (a clearing and balancing of the chakras) along with other techniques she has learned in her travels and as a graduate of The Four Winds Society under Alberto Villoldo.
The session can last between 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
Interested clients call Blu Lotus and Mimi will get back to you for information, questions and scheduling.     (973) 783-9866
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