Blu Lotus Healing Space

You are invited to visit a sacred space of peace and healing – as our gatherings and events calendar for 2022 is filling up! Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

In the two healing rooms downstairs, practitioners can see you for energy healing, such as Reiki, and more! Contact the store for more info or visit our practitioners pages.

Visit Hearth Element for Rev. Kae (Karolina M Honerkamp, LMT).

Visit Enlightened Path Healing for Lisa Batitto.

Healing Circle

Communicate With Your Angels

This orientation profile is a private one-on-one session with a specially trained and certified consultant from the Americana Leadership College.

During the session, you will learn the basic facts of your spiritual communication system.

* Your Four Avenues of Spiritual Perception and the way they work in your inner communication system

* Your Spiritual Sensitivity, how much you have unfolded and how you are using it for yourself.

* Your Angels/Guides; how many are on your team.

* A special tecnique for establishing clear, two-way communication with your team of angels.

With this profile, you will have the empowering tools to begin effective communication with your angels and change your life!

Available via zoom, or in person at Blu Lotus. $65.00

Call Julia Santiago to schedule at (201) 991-0717

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