Joe’l Bocchino


Your facilitator and guide, Joe’l Bocchino uses traditional and non-traditional methodologies to customize programs for the alignment of mind, body and spirit. At the community level, she provides a unique approach to education, healing and empowerment…….resulting in profound personal transformation in a safe and nurturing environment.

Joe’l Is:
• 20+ years in executive healthcare management
• Certified Spiritual Guide, Healer, 3rd step Ritual Master & Kabbalah Apprentice and in the lineage of King Solomon
• Modern Mystery School Affiliate
• CHT—Certified Hypno-therapist
• INHC—Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Nutrition)
• TPC-Transpersonal Psychology Counselor
• Rieki Master
• Etheric Reconstruction Specialist
• And much more…….

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