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Facilitator – Mimi Weaver, LCSW

In many traditions the unfolding of the lotus flower represents the expanding of the soul and spiritual awakening.
During these extraordinary times, it seems totally appropriate to regularly focus on grounding ourselves using various shamanic techniques. By taking time for ourselves and learning to shed what no longer serves us, we will be equipped to embrace day to day situations with an open heart. Mimi Weaver, LCSW is offering her understanding of the Qer’o people of the Andes. Through their teachings and traditional ways we can transform our “wounds” into a source of wisdom and courage.
Let’s begin the New Year on a path of healing.
The first of a series of teachings will begin with CREATING AN ALTAR and learning to use it as a focal point to awaken our spiritual self and heart. It will become a personal space where our prayers, meditations and intentions can manifest, as well as our love and connection to spirit.
This event is a perfect place for those who already maintain an altar or those who want to create their first. An extensive variety of candles, crystals and spiritual artifacts are also available at Blu lotus to adorn your altar. The workshop will beoffered in the afternoon and evening for the convenience of our clients.  The same topic is covered so only register for one class.
 Wednesday  January 10,    7:00-8:00pm   $20.00

Sunday   January  28,       3:00-4:00pm     $20.00


To register call :

Blu Lotus – (973) 783-9866  or

Mimi Weaver (973) 934-7677




Introduction to Crystals & Gemstones – Part 1Crystals & Gemstones


Facilitator – Imani Nia Harmony


Learn how to use crystals and gemstones to transform the energy in your home and life! We will start by going on a guided meditation journey with your crystal to receive its messages specifically for you. This workshop will cover the various ways to use crystals including: – How to clean & care for your crystals – Pairing the right crystals/gemstones with your Chakras & Auras for healing – Arranging crystals around the house to clear & balance its energy – Charging your crystals for healing, prayer & intension – Wearing crystals for protection & positive energy.  Crystals are not required to attend however you may bring your own or purchase them at Blu Lotus.
Saturday  January 27,   6:00-8:00pm      $45.00




How to use a PendulumPendulums


Facilitator- Imani Nia Harmony


If you are looking for an easy and safe way to tap into your intuition and receive accurate simple answers from the Divine, this class is for you! In this class we will learn about the history of the pendulum and learn about the diverse ways it has been used through history. We will also practice how to properly use a pendulum to answer simple Yes/No questions, and how to align it with your personal bioenergetic field.  Pendulums will be available at Blu Lotus for purchase or bring your own.


Saturday February 10,  6:00-8:00pm      $35.00




Introduction to Crystals & Gemstones – Part 2Crystals & Gemstones


Facilitator- Imani Nia Harmony


This workshop will be a continuation of Part 1 Intro to Crystals and Gemstones. We will start off with a guided meditation to receive wisdom from your gemstones. Here we will go deeper into the use of crystals for your life. We will cover – How to use crystals & gemstones for healing yourself & others – How to make crystal grids for distance healing & transforming energy in your house – How to program your crystals with intentions & prayers – Tuning in to the energy & messages of your crystals.  A variety of crystals and gemstones are available at Blu Lotus or bring your own.


Saturday February 24,  6:00-8:00pm    $45.00







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