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Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing

The sound of alchemical crystal bowls creates a space of total immersion for the mind and body. The different tones dance and marry and create new frequencies that each participant can feel. We  are bathing in sound vibration, restoring the union of body and soul.

Each gathering will focus on a different intuitive skill: learning to hear our body, waking up to the voice of higher self, meeting our master teachers, etc… Using guided imagery, we journey within and access our innate soul wisdom. Each person contributes by sharing their presence. We are all precious visitors at this time of healing on Planet Earth.


 Saturdays (ongoing),     12:30pm – 2pm         Energy Fee – $15.00




Life Trans-Formed Crystal Workshop Part 1 & 2Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals are alive ad vibrant and therefore wonderful vehicles for healing energy. In the formation of crystals, we see how sacred geometry makes sound visible in tangible form. Crystals are music trans-formed. They can serve as tools for receiving psychic messages an recovering ancient wisdom. Sounds like a tall order? Actually, it’s only natural for us to feel resonance with crystals, since our bodies are composed according to sacred geometry as well. All living beings yearn for harmony – carrying and keeping crystals around the house is one way to harmonize our lives.

Learn all the what and how about healing with crystals and semiprecious stones in this two part workshop! Part I is a healing session around a powerful crystal mandala with the sweet sound of alchemical crystal bowls. It is designed to serve as a soothing medicine for the senses.

Part II is a hands-on fun gathering for creating crystal grids, activation, clearing, and selection of your crystals and stones.

Sunday, May 19     

Part I at 12:30pm – 2pm         Energy Fee- $15.00

Part II at 3pm – 5pm                Energy Fee- $25.00

Parts l and ll                              Energy Fee- $40.00





Everyday Rituals- Maintaining Your Personal Energy and High Vibration

Every Rituals is a series of classes designed to teach you “spiritual hygiene” tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. They can become simple, personal and fun tools for the healing and enlightenment of body, mind and spirit. This workshop will include:

Spiritual Healing Baths and how to make one to cleanse and clear your energy. Everyone will be able to take some home to use. Smudging with sacred resins and smoke baths for cleansing, Utilizing crystals for cleansing your energy and raising your vibration, Benefits of sound healing, Meditation and visualization techniques and Limpias (Cleansing) with eggs, plants and flowers.

Please bring a notebook and pen to take notes with. ** Reiki Healing Limpias will be offered at the end of the class. There is a ticket option available for purchase if you would like to stay and receive the healing after the class.


Saturday,  June 8          4:30 – 6:30pm


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