Summer Schedule

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Sound Healing Meditation

Transcend your mind by having a higher experience to your Sound Therapypast…

Find the freedom of your voice and give yourself a new identity….

What is the sound of your inner calm?
The sound of alchemical crystal bowls creates a space of total immersion for all our senses. The different tones dance and marry and create new frequencies that each person can feel.
We are bathing in sound vibration and restoring the union of body and soul. The aim here is to feel grounded and complete in our natural state of harmony with the Elements of Life….
Each gathering will focus on a different intuitive skill: learning to hear our body, waking up to the voice of higher self, meeting our master teachers, etc… Using guided imagery, we journey within and access our innate soul wisdom. Each person contributes by sharing their presence. We are all precious visitors at this time of healing on Planet Earth.


 Saturdays (ongoing),     12:00 – 2pm         Energy Fee – $15.00



A Course in Creative Thinking with Tarot CardsTarot

Make up your mind! Make up your life and your relationships! Join this course any time, the Five Installments will repeat on ongoing basis.

Tarot is a complete system of 78 archetypes of life. The learning process engages all five human senses and all five Nature Elements together. As you are learning about Tarot by listening and use the cards by seeing, touching, speaking – you are waking up your intuition and creativity, you are taking charge of your destiny. What follows is more personal growth and understanding of your life choices. And that leads to better self forgiveness and love.



Let’s create a Tarot community – people who actively engage their thinking-willing-feeling capacity to make up a new world. We aim at no less than perfect healing and joy.

Class fee will include a 20min recording of Tarot instruction – for privacy reasons we won’t allow recording of the discussion and practice.

CLASS FEE: $25 or $20 each if you bring friends, couples, etc

TIME: Moon Days (Mondays) at 7:00 – 9pm

DATES: May 20th, 27th; June 3rd, 17th



Tree Spirit Speaks – Summer Solstice Shamanic JourneyCelebration

Join us for the blessing ceremony outside (free) and stay for the Solstice celebration inside ($20) in the magical space of Blu Lotus!

This gathering will celebrate our relationship with Trees and the Nature Spirit that lives them. A tree, just like a human, is capable of creating a channeling portal for higher frequencies. As in any shamanic gathering, we will go deep into meditation with the guardianship of Tree Spirits and look for visions to aid our life. We will also include: blessing the trees outside with the sound of drum and rattle. We will connect to the trees for divination and channeling. Hope to see you there!

DATE:  Sunday June 23rd

TIME:   3pm (blessing of trees – free)

3:30pm-5pm ($20)🌿



Pet Reiki – Healing Spa Day

Share the beautiful and healing energy of Reiki with your beloved pet friends! 

The laying of the hands of the Reiki Master is non-evasive on your pet, gently moving energy as it creates shifts in physical, mental or emotional feelings.  There may be relief in pain, reduction of inflammation, improvement in anxiety or help you (human friend) to understand a behavioral problem. Crystals will be used to  strengthen the Reiki practice and help your pets reconnect and restore their natural and healthy balance through vibrations.  

This is a first come first served event.  There will be a sign in sheet at the front desk with approximate waiting time, if any.  Pets and their humans will then wait outside or in their vehicles until escorted into the healing rooms.  Due to space, we can only have one pet in the store at a time.
These healing sessions are introductory and should move quick, however if the results are favorable longer sessions

be scheduled for another date.

Come treat your loyal companion to his/her own healing spa day!


Sunday, July 21         3:00 – 5:00pm

Love Donation – $5.00

For More Information Contact Reiki Master Donna Scillieri 

at: (973) 767-3040




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