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Tarot 101 WorkshopTarot

Learn to read Tarot cards in just 2 hours!  Back by popular demand… 

Facilitator – Jessica Mckay, Inuituve Counselor and Spiritual Teacher

Would you like to accurately read the tarot for yourself and others? Join Jessica for a fun and exciting workshop that will have you reading tarot cards easily. No prior experience is necessary. You’ll learn to read the cards without having to use reference books or manuals. Everyone is born intuitive and anyone can use the tarot as a tool for clarity and guidance. Come and discover how intuitive you already are!

If you are already working with a specific deck, please bring it along. Practice decks will be available for borrowing at the workshop, and on sale after the event.

Jessica has been reading tarot cards since she was 11 years old. She first learned by watching her mother give tarot readings to friends. She brings her passion for tarot cards into her business as an intuitive counselor who communicates with spirit guides. She does private, in-person readings at Blu Lotus on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons.Teaching tarot

Sunday, October 29,       1:00-3:00pm Workshop Fee: $30.00


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