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Shenu Restorative YogaShenu Yoga

Instructor- Queen Mother Imakhu


Come join us on Sundays for for a restorative and rejuvenating yoga class.  Many customers have expressed interest in doing yoga but without the intimidation of unrealistic poses and other classmates who are eager to show how far they can bend.

“Shenu” means “Protective, harmonious Circle (or oval)” in the Khametic (Ancient Egyptian) language.

The Shenu Yoga system addresses people at all stages of life. Shenu Yoga encourages a gentle, yet challenging approach to yoga. Through her years of personal practice, Queen Mother Imakhu (a.k.a. Pastor Elaine Lloyd-Nazario) has come to understand what listening to the body truly means. The body changes as it ages. Also, there are beginners who are highly intimidated by the challenging poses yoga classes tend to offer. Yoga classes should be accommodating to disabled populations too. Lastly, Queen Mother has come to see from personal experience, and from the general observations of lifelong yoga practitioners, some of the trickier poses are no longer relevant, or can even be detrimental to the body. As a teaching yogini, Queen Mother has listened to her body, her peers, and her students.

Shenu Yoga offers the options of

(1) Gentle Traditional Yoga that starts from the chair, then moves to the mat.

(2) Gentle Chair Yoga for Boomer, Senior and Disabled populations, which uses the chair as support.

What Shenu Yoga DOES:

Shenu Gentle Yoga

~ teaches character building, successful goal achievement, listening to intuition, building and sustaining a high caliber circle of friends and associates, and creating a greater relationship with Divinity.

~ teaches self-love, self-discipline, humbleness, courage, and caring. It also teaches personal accountability, respect, and calmness, and increases impulse control.

~ Improves flexibility, strength, toning, stress reduction, and calorie burning for weight loss. As in most yogic traditions, Shenu Yoga can improve internal organ support, and immune system function.

 A great gift for the self to start each new week!

We have an intimate space and enrollment is limited so calling in advance is recommended.

Sundays     4:00 – 5:30pm         $15.00


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