March Schedule

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Women’s Empowerment Week March 2019

Honoring the Divine Feminine in all of us, but especially the women of the world: changing cultures by following their creative passions and ambitions for leadership, birthing children, and being the expressions of the Divine Feminine…

Weather cis- or trans- all women become vehicles for the different facets of the Goddess through their bodies. All of us, women and men, are awakening to our inner feminine component and learning to balance the polarity of the two archetypes: Divine Feminine and Masculine.

We call on the Mother Father God, or God Goddess Power, or the Universal Intelligence and Love – reaching for healing and balancing our lives.



Shiva Shakti Chants for Power and Protection

This is a humble Shivaratri celebration, honoring the powerful and mysterious god of transformation, destruction and regeneration, Shiva Mahadeva. He’s been revered in India since time immemorial and now widely known in the Western world of yoga culture as well.

The chants are simple to follow, words provided in Sanskrit and translated into English – so we can all understand and truly intend what we are singing. Bring an instrument if you’d like, but mostly bring your presence. You can simply listen and enjoy the meditation and the energy of the chants.

Many blessings of peace and prosperity!

Monday,  March 4               7:00 PM – 8:30 PM           ENERGY FEE $10.00



New Moon Ceremony
New Moon Ceremony

The new moon is symbolic of the second chance to manifest that we are given over and over again. It represents a “clean slate.”   As the moon transitions through it’s waxing phase, so our desires and plans begin to take form in our lives.  This is the perfect time to meditate, journal, dream, organize and bring forth inspired ideas.  The new moon’s purifying energy is there to aid us in our reflection.

During the new moon ceremony attendees can expect the following:

*Guided meditation

*Group discussion about manifesting and setting intentions

*Attendees will create a mini vision board for the month

*Attendees will write a new moon manifestation letter

Attendees suggested to bring a journal

Wednesday, March 6            6:00 – 7:30pm                Workshop Fee- $35.00



Goddess Healing Circle

Experience healing through All Love energy and powerful Goddess invocations – sitting in a circle, in a sacred space together, peaceful, meditative, enjoying the deep state of consciousness….

Thursday, March 7        7:00 – 8:30pm                  FREE

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Gathering – Friends With Gaia

Celebrate the arrival of spring at our shamanic gathering with elements such as smudging, calling on the Directions, the Elements, and a shamanic journey (meditation to the soft drumming rhythm).
By connecting to the energy of Mother Earth we begin to heal ourselves, find balance and connect to all living creatures on the planet.                                                                                                                                                                                           We will begin our journey by calling the Elements (Directions) and opening the Sacred Circle using our sacred drums and rattles, release stress with a guided meditation to heal and balance the senses, enter into our shamanic journey experience and close with prayers of gratitude for Gaia and share our experiences.
Every journey is a unique and individual experience.  Come join us and find out what Mother Earth and the elements have to say to you!
Friday, March 8             5:30 – 7:30 pm                           Workshop Fee- $20.00


Our Voices for Gaia – Vocal Toning ClassAwaken Thyself

Healing Mother Earth with our voices – just like the ancient tribes – we’ll be learning how to allow our voices to carry the healing vibrations from the Source of Sound into the Earth, and into our earth bodies as well. It is a very simple process, all you need to do is connect to Earth, breathe in and let your voice free….

Friday, March 8      7:30 – 8:30pm          FREE



Sound Healing Meditation – Special Edition

Special edition with Angels: Celestina, Faith, and Sara! These are the Angels who are part of the Integrated Therapy Healing angelic team. Come to the meditation to find out more about them! (more description of the event below)

Saturday, March 9            12.30 – 2:00pm           Fee – $15.00



Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing

The sound of alchemical crystal bowls creates a space of total immersion for the mind and body. The different tones dance and marry and create new frequencies that each participant can feel. We  are bathing in sound vibration, restoring the union of body and soul.  The aim here is to feel grounded and complete in our natural state of harmony



 Saturdays (ongoing),     12:30pm – 2pm         Fee – $15.00






Healing Escape

Come experience a unique self care ritual that’s designed to soothe mind/body/soul. Good people, good vibes and good medicine using smudging, acupuncture, sound healing and meditation designed to improve energy, immunity, mood, sleep and clarity while reducing pain, anxiety, depression and stress. Yes it’s true!
Space is limited to first 12 people.

Sunday, March 10         1:00 – 2:00pm                      FREE






Full Moon Ceremony

There is little doubt that if the moon has the power to pull ocean tides, surely it must affect  humans too, whose bodies are made mostly of water. Just as the phases of the moon affect the seas, they can also send waves of emotions through us.

Creating rituals at the new and full moons will allows us  to tune into our inner world and use the energies available to manifest in the external world.  our ancestors planted, hunted, fished and traveled by the seasons and cycles of the moon whose rays also have an affect on animals and plants.

The divine light of the Full Moon shines brightly into all areas of life offering us a beautiful opportunity to heal patterns, uplift our vibration and align us with our inner light.

During the full moon ceremony attendees can expect the following:

*Guided Meditation

*Group discussion about breaking barriers and refocusing intentions

*Attendees will write a release letter

*Group letter burning ceremony

Attendees suggested to bring a journal

Wednesday, March 20.             7:00 – 8:30pm                Workshop Fee- $35.00



The SéanceSpirit Guide

Our departed yearn to reach out to us from beyond and the psychic mediums at Omen have helped thousands of people reunite with souls who have crossed over! Do you want to know if the soul lives on? Do you wonder if your loved ones exist in a place where they can still reach out to you with love, comfort, and guidance? Attend a séance, hosted by one of our gifted psychic mediums, and discover the answer! Each séance begins with a spiritual blessing, during which participants are guided in a meditation to help open the way for spirit to come through

Using the gifts of spirit mediumship, Laura and other mediums will sense the presence of your loved ones and see, hear, and interpret their powerful messages from beyond. We recommend you bring an object worn by the departed to strengthen the connection. While not everyone may receive a message, all present will encounter the wonders of the spirit realm and discover that death is not the end but merely a doorway to the next world!

Sunday, March 31                      6:00 – 7:30pm                Workshop Fee- $35.00





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